Rundgång is a collective comic project and an experiment to find new ways to come up with visual stories.

For the first three issues all members of our collective wrote a text, and then forwarded it to a fellow member to be interpreted and drawn. For the last issue we had a different approach and used the classic feminist short story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman as a base. 

For #4 we split Gilman's text in 11 parts, and I made images based on the second one.
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For # 3 I've made images based on a text by My Eklund, written one for Marlena Lampinen and made the cover design of the book.

For #2 I've made images based on a text by Nathalie Ruejas, written one for Elisabet Ericson and made the pattern, tote bags and cover design.